Delivery is carried out by couriers with whom the online store cooperates. Products will be delivered to the specified address (home, work, etc.) – reliably and quickly.

Delivery methods

  • Courier delivery in Moscow: FREE!
  • CHINA-CITY (Moscow) pickup: FREE!
  • Pickup Nagatinskaya (Moscow): FREE!
  • Pickup DON (Moscow): FREE!
  • Express delivery in Moscow on working days (placing an order before 15:00 – delivery on the day of the placing order): 400,00
  • Courier delivery in the Moscow region: 300,00
  • Courier delivery in St. Petersburg: FREE!
  • Pickup Kollontay (St. Petersburg): FREE!
  • Courier delivery in the Leningrad region: 300,00
  • Delivery by courier to other regions of Russia – from 500 ₽ w depending on the region *
  • Delivery to at your own expense in other regions of Russia – from 400 ₽ w depending on the region *

Delivery time

Orders are received and processed on business days from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Placing an order in Moscow by 17:00 – delivery will be the next business day.

Placing an order in Moscow after 17:00 – delivery will be within one day.

When an order is placed in Moscow on Friday after 5pm and on weekends, the order will be delivered on Tuesday.

Express delivery in Moscow: placing an order before 15:00, you will receive your order the same day (only on business days).

Delivery time varies by region, usually from 2 days to four weeks . Delivery times may increase if your order arrives at night or on weekends and holidays. Shipping of goods is done only on business days!

Delivery of goods

Upon delivery, the ordered Goods shall be handed over to the Buyer or the person named as consignee in the Order or the person authorized by the Buyer and/or the Consignee.

In order to avoid cases of fraud, after the delivery of a prepaid order, the person who delivers the order has the right to request the identity document of the Buyer and / or Recipient, and to request details of the identity document provided by the Buyer and / or Recipient of the Buyer and / or Recipient on the order receipt. The Seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the Buyer’s and / or Recipient’s personal data.

The buyer and/or consignee at the time of receipt of the Goods shall receive a cashier’s check or a substitute document of the established form for the Goods.

Appearance and completeness of goods

At the time of delivery of the Goods, the person making the delivery must prove to the Buyer and/or the Recipient the appearance and completeness of the Goods.

The Buyer and/or the Recipient confirms with his signature in the Order Form that he has no complaints regarding the appearance and completeness of the Goods. Once the Goods have been accepted by the Buyer and/or the Recipient, the Seller shall not accept claims regarding the quality and completeness of the Goods.

The Seller will make every effort to maintain the date and time of delivery specified in the corresponding Order, but delays in delivery are possible due to unforeseen circumstances that are not the fault of the Seller.

For all delivery questions, please contact us via email: or toll-free (10:00 am – 5:00 pm) 8 800 7070 656.

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