Prebiotic paste - natural protection for your intestines

Plant extract and live bacteria cultures to care for your intestines


100% vegan product with natural ingredients supports and balances the pH and microflora of the digestive system.

There is a story going on in your gut. Good bacteria like superheroes guard the health of your body. And when negative characters – pathogenic bacteria – appear, superheroes spring into action.

bacterial strains
types of plants

To support the good bacteria, Japanese scientists have created and patented a unique complex of 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria along with an army of 65 types of plants that grow naturally in Japan. They have been encapsulated in OM-X prebiotic paste.

types of plants

It is thanks to these ingredients that your body can get rid of persistent gastrointestinal complaints. And the convenient form of the paste will ensure that you can deal with them where and when you want.

Vegan product
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To fight for a healthy gut, scientists have called on

OM-X formula

Which they built on the 3 pillars of a healthy gut microbiome:
Probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.


The first pillar of the composition of the prebiotic paste – these are living microorganisms, the so-called. good bacteria. They quickly colonize the intestines and there they begin the fight against pathogenic bacteria.


The second pillar of the composition of prebiotic paste – is fiber, which promotes the production of good bacteria in the body. It nourishes them to grow properly.


These are the leftovers that probiotics and prebiotics leave behind. They mimic the action of good bacteria. Stimulate them into action

OM-X prebiotic paste has been added to the formulation of the dietary supplement.
vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids,
Which support a healthy pH of the digestive system.

All these ingredients promote the preservation of
The balance of the bacterial microflora, so that:
The secret to the performance of the ingredients in the OM-X Probiotic Paste dietary supplement is its manufacturing process -.

12 live strains of bacteria and 65 types of plants (fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds) naturally occurring in Japan, rich in micronutrients and vitamins for 5 years ripen, feeding each other, through a process of natural fermentation devoid of heat treatment. They are then used to create a paste, and the contained
prebiotics for the intestines
Have an excellent effect on various body processes.

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What distinguishes

The form of the paste means that you can take it even in extreme conditions. You squeeze directly into your mouth. You can carry it with you at all times.

A natural extract of plants and live bacteria cultures. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

OM-X probiotic paste contains no preservatives, colors, flavors, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs.

That is, information about the genus, species and strain culture collection number. It is possessed by every strain of bacteria in OM-X probiotic.

Thanks to its low molecular weight, the ingredients of the dietary supplement – OM-X probiotic paste are well absorbed by the body.

OM-X probiotic paste is a dietary supplement approved by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate – Department of Food Safety and Nutrition.

Thanks to the natural fermentation process without heat treatment OM-X probiotic paste is resistant to the temperatures of different seasons.

OM-X probiotic paste is available in dried plum and fig flavors with a hint of chocolate.

The paste form allows the supplement to be taken without the risk of choking

OM-X probiotic paste is manufactured in accordance with GMP, or Good Manufactruing Practice.

Ingredients of the dietary supplement OM-X® Probiotic Paste.
Will support your body when:

Probiotic paste ingredients:

Natural ingredients and live bacteria cultures
Will be the best support for your intestines.


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