We take care of health and beauty in Japanese style

The archetype of our brand is the Sage who wants to explore knowledge and share it with others. We trust nature and Japanese precision. We take a holistic approach to life. When we discovered Japanese dietary supplements whose ingredients have good effects on health, beauty and energy, we knew this was what we had always been looking for

Meet Dr. Ohhira

The secret to longevity was discovered and encapsulated by Japanese scientist Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira. Before he did so, he graduated from 3 faculties (microbiology, landscape architecture and veterinary medicine) and conducted scientific research for several decades.

He found that probiotics have a healing effect not only on humans, but also on animals and plants. That’s why he used his products in all 3 fields in which he trained.

Until 2016, he taught at universities in Japan, Korea and Malaysia. For his scientific achievements, he became an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences in New York and many other scientific associations

And it started with... a hangover

As a young landscape architect, Dr. Ohhira went to work on a major project in Malaysia. There, at one of the official receptions, Malaysia’s Home Minister treated him to a strong local liquor. After the gussied-up party, Dr. Ohhira was not feeling well.

A Malaysian friend came to his aid and gave him a “magic potion.” When Dr. Ohhira drank a local hangover drink, he quickly got rid of the previous evening’s unpleasant symptoms. Surprised and enchanted by the effect, he wanted to know its recipe.

Natural fermentation process

The secret of the secret drink was that it was made from fermented food. It contained various strains of lactic acid bacteria that gained their strength from years of fermentation at natural temperatures. In this process, the strong bacteria become stronger and the weak bacteria die. The most viable strains of lactic acid bacteria rebuild the microflora of the digestive system and take care of immunity.

Secret moved to world

Dr. Ohhira would not have been a world-class scientist if he had left the knowledge he gained there in Malaysia. In 1974, on the island of Honka, Japan, he founded Bio Bank, a company that produces dietary supplements using an original patented formula.

News about Dr.OHHIRA® dietary supplements
has arrived in Poland

When we learned the story of this Japanese scientist, we immediately wanted to see if the ingredients in his supplements really had staying power. First, we checked the research and publications on how they work. Then we learned about the process of making them. We saw how natural, locally occurring ingredients travel to ampoules with the highest safety standards.

All of this reinforced our belief that the power of Japanese nature and science is worth trusting. We believe that the ingredients in Dr.OHHIRY® supplements, will support those who want to maintain a comfortable life for many years.

And you can test the power of Japanese science

Thanks to the discovery of Dr. Ohhiry we can all benefit from natural ingredients in preparations that precisely work at the root of the aging process.