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Advisor on the subject. Health at Dr. OHHIRA® – Reelika Kalmet – suggests methods to help rebalance the gastrointestinal microbiota. Very important, in her opinion, is the parallel work on physical well-being, the health of the body, and mental well-being, working on emotions. Only such a combination guarantees success.

To control emotions, you need to look within yourself and understand what are the causes and effects of the emotions you are experiencing. Each of us received a set of “triggers” in childhood to release emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to realize exactly that. The physical symptoms coming from the body are more clear.

“Taking care of our physical well-being includes monitoring our circadian rhythm – adequate length and quality of sleep, daily physical activity, a balanced diet. These factors support the human body. Diet, becomes especially important when we think about the bacteria living in our digestive system – without these little creatures we would not exist. Our intestines contain, on average, as much as 2 kilograms of bacteria and microorganisms, and our physical and mental health, depends on them having something to feed on and staying in balance, “adds Reelika Kalmet.

Advisor on the subject. Ohhira Health says fermentation has almost always been used as a way to preserve food. Today our diet has changed a lot, and fresh and live food can only be bought from an organic store or from a farmer friend. And here comes the question – how did our bacteria adapt to such a rapid change?

“Currently, two dietary styles can be distinguished – the Western diet and the traditional diet,” – Kalmet says. Traditional is Mediterranean, Asian and Oriental cuisine. The Western diet originated in America and is based on a lot of processed foods rich in meat, dairy products, pasta, baked goods and products high in salt and sugar. Due to processing, very few micronutrients are preserved in food, i.e. vitamins and minerals. In this style of diet there is also a severe shortage of fiber, and an excess of saturated fatty acids and carbohydrates.

The modern diet fills the stomach, but literally starves our good bacteria, and it is they who produce the substances we need to live.

The American-style diet creates a hidden substrate of inflammation in the body. Because it is very low in nutrients and fiber, the body is often forced to function with very little vitamins and minerals, affecting its metabolism. In addition, it is loaded with unnecessary food additives that must be constantly excreted so that toxins do not litter the body.

One of the staple substances, a deficiency of which has serious consequences, is fiber. It is needed to nourish the bacteria living in our colon. Some of the vitamins and other beneficial substances we need to live are produced by these bacteria. By microbiologists, these compounds are called postbiotic metabolites.

Bacteria living in the digestive tract also produce as much as 10% of our energy.

Kefirs, yogurts and sauerkraut could certainly support intestinal microflora, but provided they are made using traditional, homemade methods. It is impossible to get a balanced meal that keeps probiotic bacteria alive from the industrially produced, heavily processed foods available in stores.

In addition, such foods contain many preservatives and stabilizers that our bodies don’t need so much.

When we eat foods low in fiber, the bacteria don’t have enough nutrition, they start feeding on our own mucous membranes and cause digestive problems. Adequate amounts of fiber and fructooligosaccharides, which are prebiotics that nourish our good bacteria, help prevent this situation.

Why aren’t kefir and sauerkraut alone enough to keep the gut microbiome balanced?

The myth that kefir and sauerkraut are enough to keep your bowels in order is a thing of the past. If you look around the store shelves, the sauerkraut, pickles and kefir we have available have been pasteurized, and in the process the good bacteria there have been destroyed. For example, cucumbers pickled in a mixture of vinegar and table salt are often sold under the name of pickles or pickles despite the fact that they have not undergone fermentation.

Fermented foods that balance the intestines must be produced by the true pickling method. Even then, you only get certain types of bacteria from each fermented product, which produce certain types of postbiotic metabolites . And it’s important for your microbiome that the beneficial strains of bacteria are as diverse as possible “species-wise.” Thus, eating only one selected type of acidified food, is not sufficient to balance the gut bacterial flotation.

Therefore, to effectively support intestinal balance, it is recommended to take naturally fermented probiotic supplements that have been subjected to years of scientific research. They have an optimal number of useful bacterial strains (probiotics), fiber (prebiotic) and postbiotics – metabolites produced by prebiotics. These include. minerals that reduce inflammation, short-chain fatty acids and vitamins.

“By combining all of the above-mentioned substances, the intestines immediately receive the ideal combination of essential substances that help balance their microflora and increase the immunity of the entire body,” – Kalmet explains.

No supplement by itself will work a miracle, it is not a magic wand. The best results are achieved through a combination of a balanced diet, adequate exercise and sleep, and in addition – supportive supplements.