Dr.OHHIRA® Kampuku Probiotic Soap combines natural ingredients, the ancient Japanese art of fermentation and modern science to create a cleansing, balancing and rejuvenating soap that is so gentle it is suitable for the whole family. It contains a probiotic extract rich in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote skin health and balance.

The probiotic, fermented OM-X® extract contained in the soap is a source of nutrients for the skin.

  • Scientifically proven effect
  • 100% natural raw materials
  • Does not contain synthetic additives
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Produced using natural fermentation



It is produced at low temperatures, which allows maximum preservation of moisturizing ingredients (vegetable oil, glycerin) and valuable skin-protecting substances (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, probiotic cultures).

The fermented extract contained in the soap has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, forming a protective layer that reduces inflammation and protects the skin from harmful agents.

Dr.OHHIRA® KAMPUKU soap does not contain stabilizers, fragrances, preservatives and artificial colors in its composition. The natural color of the caramel may fade during use and storage, but this does not affect the quality of the product.

Suitable for daily use for all skin types.

For external use only. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Keep out of reach of children.

Dr.OHHIRA® Kampuku Probiotic Soap has so many uses that with one product you eliminate the need for multiple cosmetics.

It is suitable for use on the body, face and intimate areas. Because lactic acid bacteria balance the microbiome on both the skin and intimate areas, Kampuku soap helps prevent fungal infections, rashes, eczema and skin irritation. Lactic acid bacteria also reduce pathogenic bacteria on the skin, reducing sweat odor and keeping the skin fresh from morning to evening.

  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Soap for baby’s delicate skin
    • alsoideal for little ones who still wear diapers: the skin is gently but thoroughly cleansed and has a protective layer that has an anti-inflammatory effect, preventing both sweating and diaper rash.
  • Ideal soap for teenagers or problematic skin:
    Morning and evening washing of problem areas with Kampuku cosmetic soap soothes the skin without drying it out. Fermented OM-X® extract enriched with probiotics has antibacterial properties.
  • A natural replacement for shaving gel; instead of shaving foam, as the probiotic bacteria balances the pH of the skin, and the natural soap base reduces friction between the razor and skin, helps prevent rashes, pus, inhibits hair growth and skin irritation.
  • Soap for mature and delicate skin; for the elderly whose skin is thinner, dry with age and requires special care and protection against irritation.


Made with 14 natural plant extracts, it provides chemical-free hydration, probiotic support and natural deodorant. Probiotic extract provides rich nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins and minerals that support skin health and balance.

It contains fermented probiotic and botanical extract of herbs, fruits and vegetables and seaweed with lactic acid bacteria. This extract provides rich nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids, which are produced during the fermentation period by lactic acid bacteria. Fermented probiotic and plant extract supports your skin as a moisturizer.

Truly natural and pure skin care All-natural ingredients No fragrances, stabilizers, deodorizers, preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors. Not tested on animals.


Soap base, Lactobacillus/Streptococcus Thermophilus/Melassa/Rice Bran/(Citrus Junos/Fig/Lycium Chinense/Myrica Rubra/Prunus Domestica/Vaccinium Ashei/Vaccinium Australe) Fruit/(Artemisia Princeps/Eriobotrya Japonica/Lavendercina/Lavendercina Turnip) Leaf/(Melissa Officinalis/Lavendercina/Rhubarb) Stem/Agaricus Blazei/Lentinula Edodes/Grifola Frondosa/Hizikia Fusiforme/Laminaria Japonica/Undaria Pinnatifida Ferment Filter, Water, Caramel.

Dr.OHHIRA® Kampuku Probiotic Cosmetic Soap with 14 natural plant extracts moisturizes the skin probiotically without chemicals and has a natural anti-odor effect. Probiotic extract is rich in substances that promote skin health and balance, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

        • Suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly
        • Does not contain parabens
        • No synthesized surfactants

Use-by date: 3 years from date of manufacture


Moisten the soap, make an appropriate amount of lather with cold or hot water for washing and rinse well with cold or hot water.

Skin application tip – apply Kampuku foam to your skin, hold it on your face and massage the soap on your face with your hands. Leave on face for several minutes to absorb


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