• Moisturizes and regenerates damaged skin structure, maintains its elasticity
  • Soothes skin irritated by the sun
  • Protects skin from cold and harsh winds
  • Natural composition
  • Does not contain fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial colors
  • Not tested on animals


It moisturizes the skin, helps protect it from cold and hot air, soothe it after sunburn. It absorbs well (apply to damp skin), is suitable for daily use, for all skin types on the face and body.

The cream does not contain any stabilizers or preservatives in its formulation, so its consistency can vary from firm to liquid depending on the ambient temperature. This does not affect the quality of the product.

    • Suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly
    • Does not contain parabens
    • No synthesized surfactants
    • Without antiseptics and antioxidants
    • No synthetic fragrances or colors
    • Without minerals


Magoroku® Probiotic Ointment combines the rejuvenating power of natural ingredients, the ancient Japanese art of fermentation and 21st century technology with the best exfoliating, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

Dr.OHHIRA Magoroku® Skin Care Oil contains synergistically active natural ingredients – horse fat and fermented probiotic plant extract OM-X®, which soothes irritation, strengthens the skin’s protective function and prevents the formation of harmful bacteria and free radicals, while helping to keep the skin moist and supple.

Horse fat has always been highly valued in Japan because it is rich in essential fatty acids: linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. Magoroku® contains extracted pure, high-quality horse fat with a composition most similar to the lipid layer of the human dermis (the most superficial sebum layer in the skin).

In addition to horse fat, Magoroku OM-X® contains a synbiotic plant extract, a combination of dozens of different plants fermented with unique probiotic strains.

In addition, Magoroku® contains plant extracts such as aloe vera, loguatu leaf and peach leaf, which give the oil a natural moisturizing factor.

MAGOROKU® is a horse oil cream derived from pure, high-quality horse fat.

Magoroku® contains no fragrances, dyes, fillers or viscosity stabilizers and is gentle on the skin. Contrary to its name, Magoroku® skin oil provides silky soft skin without being sticky. All you need is a small amount of oil, which spreads well on the skin. The horse oil used has been deodorized and decolorized to bring out its pure effect.

Horse oil is a traditional indigenous Japanese medicine. It has its roots in the times of Chinese nomadic peoples (Mongols) and has been used for centuries on burns, cuts and insect bites to speed up wound healing.

The most superficial protective layer of our skin is the hydrolipidic layer (consisting of fatty acids), and when it is damaged (e.g., aggressive skin washing with drying cleansers, harsh weather conditions, allergic reactions, etc.) the skin barrier becomes thinner and “holes” appear. This causes the skin to lose more moisture than it loses, making it dull, gray and rough. To prevent this, the skin must be moisturized and protected.

Net content: 50 ml


Horse fat, lactobacillus/streptococcus thermophilus/molasses/rice bran/oats/leaves/stem/agaricus blazei/shiitake/egg leaf/hijiki/ kombu seaweed/ wakame algae, fermentation filtrate, octyldodecanol, stearyl glycerate, Barbados aloe vera leaf extract, Japanese mangrove leaf extract, peach leaf extract

Natural ingredients working with a synergistic effect – horse fat, plant extracts (from peach leaves, Japanese monsum, aloe vera) and fermented OM-X® extract.

Use-by date: 3 years from date of manufacture


It is suitable for use on the face and body.

Apply to clean skin. When applied to the face, it is absorbed faster than when applied to the skin with a circular motion.


It is suitable for daily use on all skin types, including hypersensitive and problematic skin. A blend of plant extracts containing lactic acid bacteria restores the skin’s natural ph and microbiome, soothing irritation and inflammation.

        • For sensitive skin – Herbal and probiotic active ingredients soothe inflamed skin, relieve sunburn, shaving, burns, insect bites, cuts or burns, acne, rubella, eczema, rashes, yeast or viral infections.
        • For extremely dry skin – Magoroku® helps effectively treat cracked lips, sunburned skin, care for cracked elbows, heels and interdigital skin.
          Protects the baby’s delicate skin from the diaper. It also provides protection for the face and hands from temperature changes, frost, cold wind and high humidity.
        • For mature skin – It smooths and moisturizes the skin, providing a youthful and healthy appearance.It is ideal for nourishing and moisturizing mature skin.Store in its original packaging and temperature depending on the environment, the product does not contain stabilizers or preservatives, it can be in the form of a solid cream or liquid, depending on varying environmental conditions. Such changes do not cause problems with the use of the product.

Store in the original packaging and temperature depending on the environment, the product does not contain stabilizers or preservatives, it can be in the form of solid cream or liquid, depending on varying environmental conditions. Such changes do not cause problems with the use of the product.


Dr.OHHIRA® complex of 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria


Dr.OHHIRA® liquid collagen for drinking



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